Thierry Ennui is concerned with a philosophical look at the game of football, primarily in the United Kingdom. Tired of getting into pointless forum debates, I’ve decided to put all my pointless opinions in one place so that people can ignore them more easily.

Thierry Ennui believes that there is more room for intelligent discussion in British football. Indeed, it could be argued that the failure of the mainstream British media to meaningfully engage with the tactical and technical aspects of the beautiful game lead to heightened expectations and poorer performance.

Thierry Ennui contends that the Scottish media is guilty of over-polishing the turd which is the national game, to the detriment of meaningful discussion about the game’s future, which is sliding into continental obscurity, but for sectarian controversies.

Thierry Ennui also holds that the English media suffers from a fundamental short-sightedness that stems from critical inability to engage with the shortcomings of the English national game, which has been artificially-bolstered by expensive foreign imports and is falsely hyped as “the best”, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Thierry Ennui also apparently refers to himself in the third person. What a bell-end.

Thierry Ennui realises he's no better than Lorenzo "Lorenzo likes Baileys" Amoruso.